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  • Duration: 1N/2D
  • Meals Included (Breakfast and Dinner)
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  • Best traveling experience
  • Agra’s Famous Destinations
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  • Duration: 2N/3D
  • Meals Included (Breakfast and Dinner)
  • Taxi Included
  • Accommodation (Neat and Clean Ac Rooms)
  • Best traveling experience
  • Mathura-Vrindavan’s Famous Destinations
  • Fully Sanitized Car & Rooms 
  • Duration: 4N/5D
  • Meals Included (Breakfast and Dinner)
  • Taxi Include
  • Accommodation (Neat and Clean Ac Rooms) 
  • Best traveling experience
  • UP Famous Religious Destinations
  • Fully Sanitized Car & Rooms 

The Story of Uttar Pradesh

This is a famous Indian state located in the north. This state borders Himachal Pradesh (northwest), Madhya Pradesh (south), Haryana (west), Rajasthan (southwest), and Bihar (east).The modern region started in this state during the Mughals, covering different parts of India. In 1526, when Babur invaded Delhi’s last sultan, Ibrahim Lodi. Allahabad was the name of UP during the Mughal empire. Jalāl al-Dīn Muḥammad Akbar named this state which means abode of God. During the Mughal era, rulers established numerous regional architecture and monuments. Allahabad Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort, and the Taj Mahal are the most popular. 

From 1526 to 1947, Uttar Pradesh was involved in countless historical moments. Many are destroyed, and many remain to display our history. Uttar Pradesh is a state of rich culture and tradition. Lucknow is the capital of this state. Millions of people loved the state as a pilgrimage destination with many religious ghats. This is an ideal place to visit ancient temples, historical monuments, massive forts, and others.

Uttar Pradesh

Capital City Lucknow

Charbagh, Lucknow

History says Laxman founded the city (Younger brother of lord Rama). Lucknow is also known as Avadh or Oudh. Historians called Lucknow the city of the nawab. UP capital Lucknow has historical importance for every Hindu. Ramachandra of Ayodhya gifted the city to his brother Lakshmana for conquering Sri Lanka and completed his exile in the jungle. That’s why this city was named “Laxmawati” in ancient times and then came Laxman Pur. Finally, the name is officially confirmed in Lucknow.

It has been the heart of north Indian culture from ancient periods. Two famous Urdu words fit perfectly in this city culture: Adab (manners) and Tehzeeb (hospitality). Dance styles like Kathak, Thumri, Khayal, etc are the culture and tradition of this city.

Rulers Who Ruled Uttar Pradesh

History says Chandragupta (reigned c. 321–297 BCE) and Ashoka (3rd century BCE) were the greatest rulers of Uttar Pradesh. Later on 1206–1526, different parts of the state were ruled by Delhi sultans. Later in 1526, the great Mughal legend Babur came in 1526. At that time, the Northern part of India was invaded by the Mughals during the Panipat war. Since then, UP has become the heartland of its empire. 

History says Muḥammad Shah was the last Mughal ruler who regulated the state. After he died in 1748, Maratha invaded all of northern India. During that time, the Mughals only covered small areas of Delhi until Maratha ultimately overthrew them. From 1785 to 1803, UP was controlled by Maratha and then entirely invaded by the British.

Chandragupta Maurya

Religious Importance of UP

Samudra Manthan

Uttar Pradesh is a state of Hindu tradition and culture. This state is known for its pilgrim tourism which attracts millions of religious enthusiasts across the globe. UP is full of religious temples, architecture, ghats, and monuments for Hindu followers. UP is the root of Hindu culture and tradition. Here you get India’s most visited place the Taj Mahal (Agra), and the religious capital of India (Varanasi).

 This state includes many holiest Hindu cities, according to mythological books. So the following are Kashi which belongs to modern Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, Oudh or Ayodhya the birthplace of God Rama, and Mathura: the birthplace of lord Krishna.

Iconic Architecture of UP

UP is a state of Hindu culture and tradition. People who love to visit religious and holy places should visit the cities in UP. This state is the hub of many Hindu lords’ birthplaces. That’s why visitors can enjoy significant ancient architectural structures in UP.

Ancient Buddhist and Hindu monasteries, townships, forts, palaces, temples, ghats, etc are available in the cities of UP. Rumi Darwaza is a famous architectural monument you can visit in Lucknow. This is a twelve doorway pavilion, widely renowned in the city. Bateshwar Nath Temple, Akbar’s Tomb, Patthar ka Sher, Medhak Shiva Temple, etc are other architectural buildings you can visit in Uttar Pradesh.

Qaisar pasand,_Lucknow

Specialty of UP

Prem Mandir Vrindavan

Uttar Pradesh is the heartland of Hindu culture and tradition. Millions of Hindu enthusiasts visit different cities in this state. Modern infrastructure and ancient monuments always mesmerized visitors’ eyes. Agar’s Taj Mahal, Varanasi, Mathura, Lucknow, etc are the popular places in this state. More than 53 crore domestic travelers walked around the state in 2019. Below are brief details about UP culture, language, population, market, and foods.


UP citizens loved to wear both native and western-style dresses. Traditional clothes include colorful printed fabric garments. Women loved to wear salwar kameez, and men wear kurta-pajamas as their tradition. Banaras is the cultural capital of Uttar Pradesh. A popular classical dance called Kathak comes from this state of origin.

kathak Dance



Hindi and Urdu are the two major languages spoken in the UP state. However, there are 29 different languages spoken in Uttar Pradesh. Hindi is the official language, while Urdu is co-official. Bagheri is the least spoken language in the state. Many netizens also spoke English fluently in the state. So foreign travelers don’t feel messy here.


228.96 Millions is the current population of this state. The per year growth rate has been 14.72% since 2011. The majority population of UP belongs to Hinduism, 79.73%. Besides, there are 3.85 crore Muslim people living in the state. However, the Muslim community is 19.26% of the total population. Cristian, Sikh, Gujarati, and other religions are also available in UP.

Prayagraj Kumbh Mela

Famous Markets

Hazratganj Market Lucknow

Aminabad and Chowk markets of Lucknow are the two popular places in the UP state. Travelers can pick the shopping spot of their preference. For example, Varanasi is famous for Banarasi sarees, and Lucknow is best for jewelry shopping. The marble and Stone Work market is available in Agra. Besides, there are other famous shopping spots also available. For Example, Om Prakash, Seth, Garha Bhandar, Dupatta Mahal, Madan Sarees, Sargodha Cloth House, and Thok Bazaar.

Delicious Foods

Uttar Pradesh is the state of culture and tradition. According to cities, several food items are available to try and melt your heart. For example, Lucknow is famous for its chicken biryani. Malaiyo is another popular food from Varanasi. Uttar Pradesh thali is also a widely popular food for travelers. This is a huge plate of food items, including naan, dal, shahi paneer, raita, etc.


Travel and Tourism

Agra's Red Fort

From ancient temples to incredible modern architectural marvels, everything you can enjoy in this state. According to cities, numerous monuments, ghats, ports, Hindu temples, gardens, etc are available in the state. Below are the ten most famous cities you can visit in Uttar Pradesh. 

AgraTaj mahal Varanasi – Spiritual capital of India  Vrindavan – Numerous lord Krishna temples Lucknow is – A historically important city in northern India Ayodhya – located near Saraya river (birthplace of lord Rama) Allahabad – pilgrimage center for Hindus Sarnath – famous for places where Gautama Buddha taught the dharma Mathura – the birthplace of lord Krishna Fatehpur Sikri – Capital of the Mughal empire  Chitrakoot – Religious mountains.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Varanasi, Agra, Mathura-Vrindavan, Ayodhya, Sarnath, Kushinagar, Hastinapur, Allahabad, Lucknow, Kanpur, Jhansi Fatehpur Sikri, ect.

Bati Chokha, Shahi  Tukda, Bedmi, Bedhai, Pedha, Tehri, Kebab Parantha, Gujiya, Malpua, Galaouti Kebabs, Khurchan, Banarasi Paan, Lassi, Lucknawi Biryani ect.

Vishwanath Gali, Hazratganj, Shah Market, Mg Marg, Naveen Market, Loi Bazar, Tilak Dwar Market, Sipri Bazar ect.

There are many languages people speak in Uttar Pradesh like Hindi, Awadhi, Braj Bhasha, Bundeli, Bhojpuri Urdu ect.

10-15 days are enough to explore the all famous places of Uttar Pradesh such as Agra, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Ayodhya, Vrindavan, Mathura, , Sarnath, lucknow ect.

Uttar Pradesh is one of the most popular and an established tourist destination for both Indians and non-Indians. The most populous state of India, Uttar Pradesh contains many historical monuments and places of religious significance. Geographically, Uttar Pradesh is very diverse, with Himalayan foothills in the extreme north and the Gangetic Plain in the centre.

Kathak Raslila, Jaita, Kajri, Chappeli, Jhora,  Nautanki ect. 

Chuadhary Charan Singh International Airport situated at Amaushi in Lucknow is the most busiest airport in Uttar Pradesh.

Winter is the best season to visit Uttar Pradesh.

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